7.3. Intuitions

It is so confusing that we have so many different phenemona related to neutrino flavor conversions. I tried to reach the literature and enormous names and terms are used.

Apart from vacuum oscillation, we have oscillations in matter, or even oscillations with neutrino coherent scattering. Vacuum oscillations and oscillations in constant matter are basically the same idea. However, with matter potential variations we obtain something new.

I talked to Professor Duan and he explained that there are basically two or three different categories of neutrino flavor conversion in the context of supernova. They are

  1. Adiabatic flavor conversions,

  2. Collective neutrino oscillations.

In each of them we could have resonances. With neutrino self-interactions, we still have some adiabatic conversions and also some other cases.

7.3.1. Refs & Notes

There are several papers that illustrate the physical pictures of neutrino flavor conversion.

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